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Eat. Drink. Socialize.

We are a farm-to-taco establishment and our menu features local, sustainable products whenever possible. Our philosophy is founded on real relationships, trust, and knowledge of our sources. We are dedicated to supporting the areas of small business, watermen, farmers, and the environment on local and global levels.

Vida was established by three local friends with the hopes of developing a locals atmosphere, but with a welcoming attitude to all. Our style of dining consists of a friendly atmosphere and innovative fare which encourages a sense of community and sharing. In a world with so many distractions, we believe being able to sit down with friends and family; and share great local food and cocktails is vital.

The Kitchen

We source our ingredients as much as we can through our local partner farms. This means our servings are always super fresh, the way we, and you, like it.

We offer “Shared Items” such as Guacamole, Queso, Ceviche, Pico de Gallo, Nachos, and Quesadillas; along with both “Traditional” and “Non-Traditional” Tacos. We have a healthy respect for the traditions of Mexican cuisine, but leave ourselves room to experiment and innovate as well. We seek to provide food that is fresh and balanced.

For our tacos we offer three shell options: Flour Tortilla, Corn Tortilla, and Bibb Lettuce.

Our Menus

The Bar

Vida’s bar program has the same focus as our kitchen program: fresh and balanced. We make our margarita mix fresh daily. Every margarita will be the same as your last and will always be handcrafted.

Along with our margarita, all of our juices and mixes are made fresh daily as well. Our bartenders take care to craft a beverage that will intrigue and inspire you. Our cocktails contain ingredients sourced from organic and/or local farms whenever possible.

We offer an array of tequilas and mezcals to complement our innovative tacos and shared plates. Each tequila and mezcal has its own unique characteristics and flavors. Let us recommend one that best suits your taste or choose one from our collection. Salud!!!!


Vida supports several local charities with a concentration on Children.  No KId Hungry is our primary focus.  We also support The Bohan Foundation for Autism, Heritage Baptist Church Food Pantry, the Lighthouse Shelter, Junior League, and the Maryland Food Bank.

Our Team